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Acupuncture in the Emergency Room

If you've ever had an unfortunate experience that has landed you in the ER, you know it can be a miserable place.  Waiting in agony, nervous, and stressed from an acute event...  Hard working hospital staff working their best to serve but under pressure...  The great news is that acupuncture is showing promise to help in this environment, especially in alleviating anxiety and pain.  

Acupuncture is a natural fit.  It's safe, noninvasive, has very few side-effects, and much power in soothing anxiety, moderating emotions, and reducing pain until a patient can receive standard medical care.  It has the potential to create a calmer environment for both people in an acute health situation, as well as those trying to serve them.  Please click here to read an interesting preliminary study on acupuncture services in the emergency room.  The study shows a marked reduction in pain and anxiety among patients comparable to administration of analgesic medications.