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Now that I have your attention...

Tongue diagnosis is a valuable tool in deciphering the imbalances within your body, and is one of the techniques that is used during a Chinese Medicine evaluation.  Unique features of the tongue, such as shape, location of swelling, cracks, type of coat, and color, indicate your current state of physiological function. Using this information I recognize a diagnosis and can formulate an accurate treatment plan using acupuncture and/or herbs to remedy your problems.

Feel free to schedule an appointment or consult with me if you'd like to learn more, and also check out this website for more understanding about tongue diagnosis.  Scroll further down on this page for a chart that explains a variety of the most common features of the tongue and their concurrent diagnoses, as well as the typical associated symptoms you might be experiencing.  I look forward to seeing you (& maybe your tongue) soon.  Peace, Jon

Image from Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia.

Some of the most notable features that are seen with this person are the swelling/teeth indentations on the side, the blotches of dark red around the tip, the long vertical crack, and a patchy white coat.  These features guide to what systems in the body could use some treatment.  This particular person was a 54 year old woman who had concerns angina pectoris (chest pain related to heart disease), cough with yellow sputum, insomnia, fatigue, night sweating, a feeling of heat in the evening, and feelings of pressure and fullness in her chest.

Image and case above from Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia.