Dr. Jon Conant, LAc

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Jonathan the acupuncturist is an actual life saver. I have spent the entirety of my life bashing acupuncture and “healing medicine” but found myself on day 8 of the worst migraine I’ve ever had, and reluctantly caved to the whims of acupuncture and the notion that I would be pain free. 24 hours later and I am on a 2 or 3 on the pain scale. I was a full blown 10 when I went in. Not only did Jonathan listen to me, he asked very intuitive questions and added supplements to my diet that have already aided in my well being. I cannot say enough good things about Root and about Jonathan. I am so grateful for the care I received.
— Colleen G.
I came to Jon, never having had acupuncture before, but at a loss for what to do for my chronic, painful frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. I really didn’t want to have surgery, but physical therapy just wasn’t working and I couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t work during the day, and really couldn’t do anything that normal people do: drinking a cup of coffee, carrying in the newspaper, carrying anything for that matter, brushing my hair, getting dressed, etc.etc. After two acupuncture appointments with Jon, I felt like I was on the path to a pain-free life. I think I have been seeing Jon for about 3 months and my pain is almost nothing and I can do everything! I can throw a ball for my dog and get dressed all by myself! Jon has the most wonderful bedside manner and really listens and connects with you. I couldn’t recommend him more highly—he has saved me from untold medical bills and surgeries!! Thank you Jon!
— Samantha P.
Caring people ask me all too often, “who chaplains the chaplain?” And they are right. I need care. Not least of all after an incident where part of the story is my feelings of inadequacy, even guilt, over my own failure to care for all my first responders equally and fully in a timely way. In part, the answer is, other chaplains; my wife, my kids, close friends, my pastors, and so on. But as I prepare to leave Jon Conant LAc’s office after another hour of his incredible care, I would be remiss not to say that my acupuncturist is in equal share the answer to that question. Thanks Jon.
— Wilson Parrish
My partner, Milo, and I began acupuncture treatments and practicing yoga at Root Whole Body 3 months ago. In those 3 months, we both have benefited in ways that have made our everyday lives so much more enjoyable. Through this healing, it revealed things that we didn’t even realize were holding us back before!

Jon worked with Milo first, on his back pain, and second, on the large scars across his chest from post-op double mastectomy. The pain in his back has gone down significantly, and the range of motion plus visibility and hardness of the scar tissue has improved immensely!

I also began treatment with Jon after seeing how well it was working for Milo. I had issues with a “bound-up” feeling in my shoulder, and newly suffer from severe foot pain due to wearing non-supportive shoes to work for years. Within one treatment, my shoulder felt like it had been released completely! He used a cupping plus acupuncture technique, which I believe was the perfect combination. The education I received on how to care for my feet, along with treatment itself, has set me up to continue recovery with that as well.
— Lora Schmuecker
Three months ago I walked into Jon’s office feeling in the depths of despair. Several months prior, I had sprained my ankle quite horribly while training for my first marathon. I got an x-ray and, although there was no fracture in my ankle, the doctor said, “Sorry to tell you this, but you would have been better off breaking your ankle. This is going to take a long time to heal.” Being a very active person who is constantly pursuing new athletic endeavors, the immobility caused by my ankle sprain was incredibly depressing and frustrating. I tried some physical therapy, but was discouraged by the slow progress, so decided to try acupuncture, which is how I met Jon.

I hobbled into his office and after examining my ankle, he was immediately encouraging and told me I would be up and running in no time. At this point, I didn’t quite believe him and was convinced it would take at least six months for the pain to go away. I started seeing Jon regularly and was amazed at how quickly my ankle started to heal with the acupuncture treatments. After the first treatment it was noticeably less swollen. Over the course of a few months, Jon worked with me closely, using both acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help reduce the swelling in my ankle, as well as increase its strength and mobility. Within a month, Jon helped me ease back into running and other sports. Two months later the pain in my ankle was completely gone! Three months later and I am now back into running, swimming, biking, hiking, yoga, and all my other sports as strong as ever. I recently finished my first half-marathon since the ankle sprain and placed first for my age group. I am positive that this athletic success can be accredited to Jon’s course of treatment for me. Jon is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and enjoyable to work with. Unlike many other health providers I’ve seen, I felt that Jon was actually fun to work with because of his great attitude, friendly manner and encouragement. And, to be able to see such pronounced progress was incredible. I highly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a great acupuncturist, especially to athletes looking to heal sports injuries.
— Leah Olson
I have been treated by Jon over the course of several years. His intuition and seemingly effortless application of his skills have led me through some of the most profound breakthroughs on my health and understanding of self. I have no doubt in my mind that by trusting in Jon’s capable care and expertise, is one of the greatest things I could have done for my health.

I have met and sought out many acupuncturists looking for those individuals who have an understanding of the subtle details of the medicine, and can also adapt to the daily stresses of our every day life, and I Jon is easily one of the most skilled I have ever come across.
— Philip
Jon is a detailed and passionate individual who respects the body. He has helped my family and me in times of stress, injury and pain by using his talents, education and desire to help. These treatments have come with positive results and our bodies thank him! He is a very talented Acupuncturist who will do well and I highly recommend his treatment, even to those that are shy to this practice.
— Richelle Godwin
I do not like to rely on pain medications, so I choose acupuncture treatment for my sciatica. It was painful to walk, or go up and down stairs. Thanks to the acupuncture and tui na massage therapy that Jon gave me, I’m able to walk my dog and even garden without pain!! Herbs helped me boost my energy too.
— Tamie
Jon Conant is a true and wonderful healer. First and foremost he really LISTENS. He “gets it,” and offers exceptional advice along with wonderful treatment. I have seen him several times for grief, anxiety, and depression all related to moving back to Portland after several years living abroad. I felt groundless and overwhelmed. Acupuncture really helped and Jon delivered with exceptional precision and I gained lasting relief. I can highly recommend him, even for those who are needle shy…..as he ever so gently inserts the needles and the relief was almost immediate.
— Kathleen C.
When I came to see Jon, it was the middle of a nasty allergy season and I was dealing with nauseating vertigo every few days. Within weeks of our first session, symptoms had gone from life-halting flare-ups of vertigo to occasional flare-ups that are far more manageable, and which do not shut down my life and work for days at a time. Meniere’s symptoms continue to decrease in severity and frequency, and quality of life has increased significantly as a result of Jon’s well-studied, attentive, and genuinely caring practice of Chinese Medicine.
— Wilson Parish
A thousand thanks to Jon for the great healing reflexology treatment; it is the perfect respite for my problematic feet, and I am thrilled to learn how much it benefits my entire body! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation during the treatment. Jon taught me so much—and set my mind at ease—about Chinese medicine that I believe I’ve mustered the courage to try acupuncture, as well.
— Kristine Walter
I came to Jon because I thought my head was going to explode! He shared an herbal formula that cleared my sinus pressure and eliminated my headache. I took the recommended dose and was back to smelling the roses within a couple of hours! I’d recommend this above any over-the-counter allergy medication.
— Kathleen Glenn
I was in a sledding accident in December 2009 and hurt my lower back, it was the worst I’ve ever had. Everything I did was painful. Sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, getting dressed...you get the point. I went to the chiropractor and massage regularly and took ibuprofen to get through the day. Months had passed and I wasn’t getting any better. I thought this is how I was going to be for the rest of my life. I’m only 32! This was making me depressed. I couldn’t do the things I normally did! A friend told me to try acupuncture and I’m very thankful I did. I’m now pain free! I’ve been able to enjoy my summer and be active with family & friends and I don’t need to take anything to get through the day.
— Courtney
Feels like home, relaxing and being pampered. I loved the treatment! Very nice! Keep it up!
— Cecilia Calvo
My personal experience with acupuncture treatment for depression has been seriously successful. I have strongly recommended acupuncture (and Jon specifically) to friends/family/coworkers experiencing a variety of mental/emotional/physical issues. I am very satisfied with the professionalism, attention to detail, and care that I have received from Jon. Thank you for this wonderful, life-changing experience!
— Rebecca
Jon really knows his stuff! Answered all my questions and very concerned about my health.
— Alice Francis
Jon was great. He focused-in on the pain I was having, and now I’m much more relaxed than when I came in.
— Debbie Engstrom
Peaceful, professional, knowledgeable… Jonathan was very concerned with my overall health. He was encouraging and proactive in dealing with what I already do and what could be improved. Much appreciated!
— Sue Rankin
I’ve been known to get a lot of massages of all different kinds: Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, Thai, you name it. I’d never tried zen shiatsu, and I think if I had had any other practitioner aside from Jon, I wouldn’t have been overly impressed, as I generally like the dig-your-thumbs-in-hard kind of bodywork. But Jon’s light-touch shiatsu was so incredible that I’m committing to making this a monthly treatment. So my monthly bills will now include paying for my student loan, cell phone bill, bus pass, and *Jon*.

Jon is so knowledgeable about this practice, not only from a theoretical standpoint but also an intuitive one. He immediately makes you feel at ease, and will ask you questions based on the energy he feels from your body, and you will feel like he’s reading your mind. He even guessed my credit card number. Just kidding. But really, he’s fantastic. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say he was able to rebalance a lot of gunk in my system and clear some channels to the point where the very next day I could notice the effects. The treatment itself was peaceful and relaxing. I’d love to go every week if I could. My favorite part was when he was working on my neck and asked if I did much in the way of treating myself, of doing things I enjoyed just for the sake of it. I don’t, he called it, and now I’m working on that. Will these monthly shiatsu sessions count? Absolutely. :) Thanks Jon, and see you soon!
— Julie Vaillancourt